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Direct Delivery ONLY (During COVID-19 pandemic)

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About Us

The Refreshment Stand is proud to offer "concession stand" style food selections to customers in the Twin Cities area. We provide a quick, convenient, and reliable Baked Goods Delivery Service.

Freshly Baked Cakes

How It Works

  1. Call (877) 308-7526

  2. Order the items that you'd like

  3. Expect your delivery shortly

  4. Tell others!


Concession Stand Favorites

It tastes just like yesterday!

(1-12 Fl Oz)


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COMING SOON!(Mini) Donuts


Frying Donuts

COMING SOON! Kettle Corn


kettle corn.jpg


An Unforgettable Food Experience

Chocolate Chip Cookies (12)


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Biscotti (1)


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Chocolate Covered Pretzels (1 Bag)


flipz-chocolate-covered-pretzels-flipz-538583 (1).jpg


Quick snacks for you

Soft Pretzel (1)



COMING SOON! Muffins / Cupcakes (2)


Image by Daniel Klein

Candy Bar (2)


candy bars.jpg

Desserts & More!

Delivered to you

Chips (1 Bag)


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Popsicle (1)


Image by Nick Torontali

Pop (1-12 Fl Oz)


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Desserts & More!

Delivered to you

Iced Coffee (1 Regular - 8.12 Fl Oz)


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Iced Coffee
(1 Blue Mountain Blend - 8.12 Fl Oz)


mr brown blue mountain blend.jpeg

Iced Coffee (1 Cappuccino - 8.12 Fl Oz)


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Stay Hydrated!

Ice Cold

Bottled Water (1-16.9 Fl Oz)


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Coming soon!

Drew's Homemade Caramel Corn

drew's carmel corn.jpg

Contact Us

2709 Zenith Ave. N., Robbinsdale, MN 55422

(877) 308-7526

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Homemade Bread

Thanks for coming. See you soon!

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